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With expertise in a wide variety of university application systems, as well as supporting students and schools in one particular area of university application, Hawkins Global Education is  able to offer single or multi-country application support for students and schools. We firmly believe that the student should be at the centre of the process, and application strategies which do not take into account the  opportunities available around the world do not fully explore the pathways to success for each student. We will advise on university options to explore around the world as well as on which application evaluation system may lead to the most appropriate outcomes for each student, based on the needs, abilities and dispositions.

As part of Syzygy Global Education, our fees are administered in New York charged in USD, with the following packages available:

  • Hourly rate: $375 per hour (first $1000 paid in advance)

  • All inclusive package for either the UK, Canada or Europe: $3500

  • All inclusive package for UK Oxbridge, UK Medicine / Veterinary / Dentistry, UK Art & Design: $5000

  • All inclusive package for USA: $14,000

Our services including all aspects of advising with university applications from university choice through to application submission, though we do not include preparation for tests such as the SAT, ACT, UKCAT, BMAT and similar. We can advise and make referrals on the best tutors to prepare you for these tests.

For more details about our US package, as well as the expertise of our team, please click here


Applying to a university is often a complicated and disorienting process, and can create unneccesary stress. Our expertise will demystify this for you and ensure that you are able to concentrate on making the strongest possible application and navigate the conflicting deadlines, requirements and financial realities.

school talks and workshops

Many schools have students considering applications outside their home country and do not have the expertise in-house to support students as they would wish. Our suite of free talks, delivered to small or large groups, can provide you with a quick and easy solution to raising student aspirations.

application support

Understanding how different university systems evaluate applications is key to making a successful application, as each country looks for different things from the application materials they request. By supporting students and schools with their applications we are able to maximise your chances in the UK, USA, Canada and beyond.


Our experience in a variety of school systems in the UK and internationally allows us to assist schools in developing their own university advising teams. Tailored training and consultancy solutions are available to support all members of the school community.

university selection

Understanding the realities behind the many different ranking systems is complicated, particularly when evaluating universities outside your home country. Our expertise will guide you in exploring the universities which will fit your requirements as well as understanding the nuances behind the numbers.

tours and visits

There is no better way to discover a university then visiting it and really understanding what it would be like to study there. We can assist you or your school with arranging individual, accompanied or small group visits to universities worldwide.


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