UK & European Applications

Having worked at schools in both the UK and Europe, David has considerable expertise in all aspects of these applications.

With a heavily grades-based system, UK university processes can sometimes be confusing for international applicants, and David can demystify this process for you. From creating a college shortlist though a wise use of data and rankings, through to preparation of a strong personal statement and on to the completion of the UCAS application, David supports students (and schools) through all aspects of the process.

Students are increasingly also looking at English-language degrees across continental Europe, with the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland growing in popularity each year, each with different application requirements.

David has experience and connections across the European university comumunity, from the private universities that make up the European Universities Consortium to public options in the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, and many more.

With detailed understanding of the differences between the style of education, selection and assessment across the main European destinations, David can guide you through all aspects of the process.

For more information, check out our articles on university applications to the UK or Europe, and get in touch.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford