US University Applications

Applications to the United States are extraordinarily complex, much more so than the application systems students are typically used to (for more information, see our articles on US applications) or get in touch.

Through a three-stage process, David Hawkins helps students to make the strongest possible applications:

  • Exploration: with such a large number of universities to choose between and huge variation between even the most highly selective institutions, working out what type of university experience a student aspires to is crucial to the success of future applications. David works closely with the student and family to examine a range of criteria in order to prepare a shortlist of ‘best fit’ universities.

  • Preparation: once a shortlist has been agreed, there is work to do in order to get ready for applications opening. SAT / ACT test preparation is a key part of this, and David works closely with a select group of partner companies to ensure each student receives the best preparation. Alongside this, David can prepare itineraries for college visits to the USA, connect students with colleges for Skype interviews as well as to prepare ‘demonstrated interest’ strategies.

  • Application: if the preparation is done correctly, the process of applications should run smoothly. The most time-intensive aspect will be the essays, which David can support students with through regular sessions and detailed feedback on each draft. In addition, David will give guidance on completion of the Common Application and other application portals, as well as supporting a student’s school with references and supporting documents if necessary.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology