Richard Judd

Head of Careers

Taunton School

David is our ‘go to’ person for advice beyond our expertise. Being not only incredibly knowledgeable regarding international admissions but also very personable means that he offers a premier service for our students. We particularly appreciate his honesty and integrity with students and parents over which choices will be the most fruitful for them. His network of contacts with universities is very impressive and his attention to detail means applications run smoothly.

Nick Nelson

Director of Internationalism

Cheltenham College

Very swift responses to any queries: candid / frank manner without pretence or judgement, always willing to help and perennially available. Good manner and outlook which chimes well with parents, students and staff - adaptability, availability, excellent knowledge and experience and suitably very connected and genned up on germane matters. Good breadth of knowledge and thus not merely US-centric, for example, willing to travel, good one-on-one support for students, not in any way pushy or grabby re. finances and securing clients.

Jim Reddy

Head of Global University Applications

Uppingham School

We recommend David Hawkins to our families pursuing international university applications for the following reasons: depth of knowledge of the market (not just US), speed of response, integrity at every level, ability to connect on a personal level with young adults and his ability to provide bespoke advice and find the correct match.

Matt Brimson

Head of Sixth Form

West Buckland School

David provides that unique combination of attributes which can be difficult to find: honesty, impartiality and highly knowledgeable advice, guidance and information. The students respond positively to him and I learn something new every time he visits. It is a pleasure to involve David in the possible futures of our students.

Laura Holloway

David is the best that I have come across so far in this industry in terms of knowledge, connections, integrity and honesty and responsiveness and in particular he adds huge value in terms of university choice, which as I am sure you are aware is a vast and daunting area.

Director of Overseas University Admissions

Headington School

James Hazledine

Head of Higher Education and Careers


I often email David with tricky questions about international applications which no one else has been able to answer. The response is always swift and informative which is so vital as we navigate through this increasingly complex process. The students benefit enormously from his wisdom.

Anna Scott

Horizons Department

Bradfield College

We happily recommend David to our pupils due to his incredible knowledge of hundreds of universities throughout the world. This extensive knowledge enables him to identify specific universities that ‘best’ match an individual pupil. David, who is generous with his advice, has a great network of contacts and an excellent understanding of what the individual universities are looking for.

Kim Dunning

Manager of HE and Careers

Sherborne School

The advice David has given to us, and our students, has been always been informative, up-to-date, impartial, relevant and timely.  His enthusiasm is infectious, and his product knowledge, customer service and attention to detail is always first-class.

Penelope Utting

Head of Careers

Sherborne Girls School

David has always been a terrific support as I navigate the various international university application forms.  He has a huge depth of knowledge and if he doesn’t know, he will always know someone who does.  He is excellent at imparting clear, impartial and sensible advice to the girls about applying abroad and is generous with his time.

Rebecca Callard

Head of Sixth Form

Mount Kelly College

David has inspired our pupils to broaden their horizons and consider worldwide opportunities for their education after Sixth Form. He is enthusiastic, informative and honest in his approach and never fails to motivate our pupils. He is a fountain of knowledge and we particularly value his focus on finding the right place for each individual.