Case Studies

When working with a family, we do our best to ensure positive outcomes through open, ethical and knowledgeable advising. Our work takes place in a number of ways: in person, via calls through the telephone or video conferencing, via email and, increasingly, via WhatsApp messages and groups.

Our work starts with the creation of a university list and application strategy and involves all facets of the applicant journey. These three case studies explain how we enable students to take ownership of their processes so that they can meet with success.

From London to YALE

We worked with a student with stellar A*/A grades at A Level and GCSE, who had been turned down on all of his US applications while at school. On contacting us to ask for help, he soon realised that he had not understood the complexities needed to apply to the most-competitive US universities. His application essays had not focused on the right topics, he had not used his extra-curricular activities as an additional ‘hook’ in his applications, nor had he connected effectively with the universities in advance of his applications.

With mentoring and feedback, from his reapplication he was able to secure a spot in Yale’s class of 2022.

From boarding school to Madrid

An international student attending an English boarding school, this student aspired to a future as a journalist in her own country and was disappointed by the courses she found available to her in the UK. She also wished to pick up a further language as part of her studies, but to study a degree in English.

Working with us, she was able to draw up a shortlist of universities in Italy, France and Spain which matched her interests and study profile and was assisted in writing successful applications, eventually choosing to pursue her studies at University CEU San Pablo in Madrid.

CAlifornia dreamin’

A student and her family had always dreamt of university in California, but found herself attending a school in the UK which had limited experience with US applications and could not advise on the nuances of the various options to study in California.

With the need to achieve some scholarship funding a key part of this process and the student having a busy schedule of commitments at school, introductions were made at two universities in California which gave positive feedback. After applying to the University of San Francisco in the early round the student will join their class of 2023 this August.