Uni Profile: Bishop's University, Canada

Founded in 1843, Bishop’s sits in two distinct groupings in Canada: it is one of a few English-speaking universities in Quebec, and it is one of a small number of Liberal Arts colleges.

It is for this reason that students I work with are attracted to Bishop’s. The ability to study in English while improving one’s French is very attractive, with the safety-net of a university administration that functions in English. Then for those who want a broader model of education, but perhaps not at the cost of the USA, Bishop’s Liberal Education model offers a great option.

As for most Canadian universities, students apply directly to Bishop’s, and with an excellent group of highly-personable and helpful enrolment and recruitment staff, the process can be very straightforward. These staff not only admit students, they also connect with them while they are attending, checking in regularly and making sure all is well.

Bishop’s is one of those universities that’s all about fit, and for many students it works very well. It’s not for everyone - a small town, in Quebec, with a huge emphasis on community - but for the right student it can be the best choice they’ll ever make.