Don't just study abroad once, do it multiple times

Last night my friend Guy Flouch, of EUNICAS, tweeted news of a new degree programme, run at Radboud University in the Netherlands. Radboud offer a range of degrees in English, but this programme caught my eye:

Students on this degree can split their time between university in the Netherlands and university in Canada, the University of Victoria specifically. These pathways are becoming increasingly popular, with students able to get the benefit of multinational study across some widely different cultures.

The World Bachelor of Business programme run by Bocconi, HKUST and the University of Southern California is very well established, and Minerva at KGI - where students move en masse to a new location every six months - is successfully disrupting the traditional university model. There’s also ESCP Europe and SP Jain School of Global Management, who do this in Europe and Asia respectively, and options to create your own programmes with Webster University and Long Island University, both of which have multiple campuses around the world.

Beyond this, here are some of my favourites:

This is just a small sample of what is available, but with such innovation out there there’s certainly something for everyone!

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